Monday, December 13, 2010

New to all of this!

Wow I never thought setting up a blog would be this hard..Mine does not even look like the well done ones..mine is just plain and I thought it was hard! Oh well at least now I have some place to go just to type and let out my feelings and hope someone listens. Today was better then yesterday! My angel would of been 15 months old yesterday, how crazy is that? To me crazy! If everything would of worked out fine and she was still here with me she would actually be turning one Jan. 26th, but sadly things took a turn for the worst and she is no longer here! I miss her so much! It just does not seem fair at all! Will I am going to bed...figuring all this blogging stuff gave me a head ache...sorry my blog is so boring :(


  1. Amanda,

    What you are doing is great! Even if it only helps a few people, you have accomplished alot. I have went through unbearable pain with my loss in 2003, and yet, I never realized how many people go through this. It is so sad. But it is so nice to have people to share your story with and to get advice, encouragement, and support. Thank you so much. Lovin' My Angel Alyssa <3

  2. You have to start somewhere. I think you'll find that blogging about it HELPS immensely!